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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions

At Electric Marketing, we are social media marketers that are experts in Ad Campaigns, but we provide many other services. Our team will help market your brand the right way to the world. We help with making your brand more appealing to new potential fans, customers, sponsorships, and labels. We provide services for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and any other social media platform you choose to market and push. We will focus on reaching new audiences daily to guarantee organic views, streams, and followers. Our team can show you how to professionally organize your Instagram or any platform to look presentable to fans, customers, sponsorships, and labels.

Presentation is everything!

Social Media

The internet is growing. Facebook has over 2 billion users. We focus on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.​ Let us help you expand your audience and advertise your brand.


We listen to all your questions. Then we offer solutions and experience to help you meet your goals.​

Social Media Management 

You're running a business. You also lack the time and energy. Let us manage and interact with your social media following.


Website Development 

Your brand identity is extremely important. We want your website to be an extension of you and to align with your target audience.


Graphic Design

Imagery is everything and our focus is to create designs that align with your brand identity.

Creative Strategy &
Content Advisor

We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations, and offer a variety of advice to fit your specific needs. 


Logo Design

Presentation is everything, as a matter fact it's the most important thing when introducing yourself to a new audience. We can help make you look amazing.



You’ll experience a relaxed and fun photography session. We’ll apply our unique expertise in artful lighting and professional editing, along with other skills, to bring out the best in your pictures.


Similar to our photographers, with our videographers you’ll experience a relaxed and fun session. We’ll apply our unique expertise along with other skills, to bring out the best in your videos. ​

Music Copyrighting

One of the most important things every music creator can do for themselves is protect their intellectual property. Copyrights grant the owner the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute copies of the work, prepare derivative works, and perform, display, and broadcast the work publicly. Copyright ownership entitles the owner to authorize others to exercise any of these exclusive rights as well.


Music Royalties

Music royalties are payments that go to recording artists, songwriters, composers, publishers, and other copyright holders for the right to use their intellectual property. Setting up an artist royalties enables them to earn money from their own pieces of music, without it being stolen or used to earn money without the composer earning anything.


Digital Royalties

Digital Royalties are fees that service providers such as Pandora, SiriusXM, and webcasters are required by law to pay for streaming musical content. These royalties are paid by the services to SoundExchange, and accompanied with playlists of all the recordings played by the service provider.


 Billboard Registration 

Billboards Registration will allow your songs to chart. The Billboard charting validates the work the independent artist has put in and is objective evidence of their audience and their potential. 


 LLC Formation 

LLC Formation its owner or owners with limited liability. This means that means you—the LLC owner—are generally not personally liable for any debts incurred by your LLC business or most business-related lawsuits.

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